Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog 4


I hope your advocacy is going well for you all. The only questions I have are what are you doing for your advocacy?  I am doing why play is important in the Early Childhood classroom.

I have a:

Setting up a meeting with a movie first, then PowerPoint and sending them away with the newsletter.  I am just wondering if anyone has any other ideas?  This is not easy knowing if you are on the right page with everything.

To show how it is progressing I would set up a blog with pictures and information to understand what is going on. This would be linked through Facebook, since so many use Facebook.

Any other ideas would be appreciated

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.
Albert Einstein.

I like this quote because I feel that too many teachers place too much emphasis on teaching, rather than creating learners.  This is why I chose to focus my advocacy on the importance of play in the classroom.

     I am excited about this advocacy plan because I feel that I can be the voice for the children. I think that I can create enough information regarding the benefits of play in the classroom.  In my center specifically our teachers create worksheets and learning lessons which in turn frustrates many of the children. I have heard some teachers mention the words "I think these children have TO much time to play if you ask me, and not enough learning."  I think that I can be the voice to let these teachers understand that play and learning and not separate ideas, but play can be learning.

I am worried about the parents mostly, and reaching them. Center care is rather expensive, and there is a Christian preschool that we lose many children to, and mostly because they believe they are learning, and our center is just for play. Therefore the worksheets that are provided is their evidence that learning actually takes place.  I also worry that I would not execute the advocacy effort because  I believe if it is not executed correctly, failure is possible.

I think having confidence in my efforts and ideas is necessary. If I lose confidence the plan will not be executed effectively.  At this point I am pretty confident that I am implement my plan., and through future research and planning, I will be able to execute the plan of action.

I would encourage others by letting them know that if you truly believe in something, give it your all because the one voice that can speak up, must be a firm voice.