Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog 4


I hope your advocacy is going well for you all. The only questions I have are what are you doing for your advocacy?  I am doing why play is important in the Early Childhood classroom.

I have a:

Setting up a meeting with a movie first, then PowerPoint and sending them away with the newsletter.  I am just wondering if anyone has any other ideas?  This is not easy knowing if you are on the right page with everything.

To show how it is progressing I would set up a blog with pictures and information to understand what is going on. This would be linked through Facebook, since so many use Facebook.

Any other ideas would be appreciated


  1. Tina,
    I would add a fact sheet. The fact sheet should be made to grab the audience attention and make them want to go back and look at again. You want it to stand out so they remember and use it. I’m also creating a family fun night. I’m working on getting parents involved in their child’s education in the early years a great place to start is reading with their child, so I decided to do a family fun night that we have a literacy night and offer book and a book exchange for the families at the site I’m working with. I find it easy to have a visual and hands on for my audience. People learn in different ways so I’m also doing a power point with hand out for them to follow along and for me to be able to give them the facts in the importance of parent involvement. With learning through play you might want to do hands on activity that shows parents how their child would learn through play. I would set up a few small stations for they to be able to rotate through. I wish you good luck with your advocacy plan.

  2. Hi Tina,
    Congratulations on finishing Internship 2!!! What a journey it’s been. I want to say I appreciated your comments and looked forward to your posts. Your passion for children is evident and your ideas are thoughtful. I loved the book the children create for themselves when they are angry. Your links were very helpful in understanding your advocacy plan. I am sure your presentation went well and good luck in the future!

  3. I want to give you a special thanks to you Tina. I am thankful for your positive feedback on my blog. You communicated that you read my post. You communicated what you agree with and are familiar with that I posted. You keep the conversation going by asking an open ended question to get me to respond back. I appreciated your communicating to me through my blog. I wish you good luck with your advance plan and your role in the education field.

  4. Tina thank you for all of your input through the many different discussions I chose the same topic learning through play. It is very important that we use each others ideas I am doing a power point, fact sheet, and providing websites that parents can use this is the beginning of our advocacy efforts not the end there is a lot we can learn from parents, children, and fellow teachers thank you Carolyn